2024 Scholarship Application:

Multiple scholarship(s) will be awarded to the most eligible applicants from Memphis – Shelby County Schools (MSCS) from 2 of the 3 Award Categories (listed below):

1. a 4 Year IBS Memorial Scholarship Award to Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO (Ida’s undergraduate alma mater), and/or
2. 1st Year Book / Travel Scholarship Awards to students enrolled or accepted into planned career programs at other eligible Universities, Junior Colleges or Trade Schools, and/or
3. Perserverance Scholarship Awards to students currently enrolled into planned career programs.

Complete 2024 Scholarship Application packages must be received / postmarked by April 15th, 2024.

Scholarship Application Interview Date: April 18th – April 22nd, 2024.

Refer to the 2024 Ida Ballard Simon Scholarship Application Form for detail list of policies and procedures.

Download the 2024 Scholarship Application


About the Scholarship:

The purpose of the Ida Ballard Simon Memorial Scholarship Fund is to support graduating seniors from Memphis Shelby County School (MSCS) District to meet Lincoln University financial requirements.

Funds for the scholarships are generated by charitable, tax-deductible donations received from businesses and individuals designated for this scholarship.

The scholarship is administered by the Ida Ballard Simon Scholarship Fund – Memphis, Tennessee and the 62nd and 65th Regiments Legacy Foundation, Inc. – Jefferson City, MO (formerly referred to as the Lincoln University Foundation Scholarship). Scholarship recipients are selected by Friends of Ida scholarship committee members that currently reside in Memphis, Tennessee scholarship committee members from the 62nd and 65th Regiments Legacy Foundation, Inc.

Additionally, the 62nd and 65th Regiments Legacy Foundation will collaborate with the Lincoln University Registrar’s Office to confirm full-time enrollment status prior to disbursing scholarship funds.

All awardees must be graduating seniors of the Memphis Shelby County School (MSCS) District.  4 Year and Palladium Scholarship Awardees must have a desire to be enrolled full time at Lincoln University.  Scholarship amounts will be determined each semester.

Over the past 14 years, with your help, the Ida Ballard Simon Scholarship Fund awarded 19 scholarships to assist students meet their educational / career goals:
3 Full Ride Scholarships, 1 Palladium Scholarship, 4 Platinum Scholarships, and 11 Book /Travel Scholarships.

2023 Scholarship

Israel Tate
Palladium Scholarship

2022 Scholarship

Kierstyn Pryor
Platinum Scholarship

2021 Scholarship

Mikala Hess
Platinum Perseverance Award

2019 Scholarship

Rachel Summerall (MBCC)
Platinum Scholarship

2018 Scholarship

Greg Odom, Jr
Platinum Plus Scholarship

2017 Scholarship

Tynia O’Neal
Book Scholarship

2016 Scholarships

Brandon Price
Book Scholarship

Mildred Goings
Book Scholarship

2015 Scholarships

Kashuna Wright
Book Scholarship

Alexia Leavy
Book Scholarship

2014 Scholarship

Addison Tucker
4-Yr Scholarship to Lincoln University

2013 Scholarships

Nicholas Thomas
Book Scholarship

Caylon Pettis
Book Scholarship

2012 Scholarships

Ashante Pollard
4-Yr Scholarship to Lincoln University

Raquel Barrett
Travel Scholarship

Maggie Jones
Travel Scholarship

2011 Scholarship

Brittney Clark
4-Yr Scholarship to Lincoln University

2010 Scholarship

Glenise Davis
Book Scholarship

2009 Scholarship

Jasmine Green
Book Scholarship



In order to express the appreciation of the University to the Ida Ballard Simon Memorial Scholarship and to help attract gifts for similar purposes, it is understood that appropriate publicity in the form of announcements to news media, internal and external publications, and other suitable recognition, may be made by Lincoln University and 62nd & 65th Regiments Legacy Foundation, Inc. – Jefferson City, MO (formerly referred to as Lincoln University Foundation, Inc.)

Annually, the Foundation shall furnish on request by any donor, a record of disbursement of scholarship funds by recipients complete with addresses. All donors shall be furnished documents of donation appropriate to the United States Internal Revenue Service code by January 31 of the year following a gift to the Fund and Endowment.